Working with a Singing Teacher

This past autumn, I worked with Matt Pocock; a voice, accent & singing teacher based in West London. I documented the process of working with him through video, as I thought it was a really interesting project & one that I wanted to share.

We created a promotional film to advertise his teaching of singing & voice. This meant an interview with Matt as well as intensive days of filming his lessons which are taught at his home in Shephard’s Bush.

For me, the process was a little different to usual as I didn’t have much control over the lighting, structure of when I was able to film & the ability to start and stop students and get them to do something again for the camera. This meant that I had to be very organised and prepared before each of the student’s sessions in order to capture everything I needed to.

I’m really glad that I decided to document the process as it accurately portrays the challenges that occurred while filming. Matt & I have since decided to work together on three more videos to promote each of his disciplines in a more in depth manner.

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